About Us

Welcome to Blachly School District

Blachly School District #90 is nestled in the coastal range of Lane County, about 33 miles northwest of Eugene.

Our district has been operational for several generations; classes often contain students who are children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren of former students.

In fall of 2010, we became Triangle Lake Charter School, featuring small class sizes, a safe and nurturing environment, and personal attention to each student from experienced and dedicated teachers.

Blachly SD 90 Mission Statement

Integrity. Compassion. Ingenuity. Collaboration.

At Triangle Lake, we care. Our focus is to pursue educational excellence and enhance individual learning through information technology, natural resources, and health and fitness.

Meet Our Team

Adam Watkins


Pat Rufo

Business Manager

Brittany Bottensek


Bri Simington

Board Secretary

Dennis Boyd

Technology & Transportation

Shane Benscoter

Maintenance & Facilities

Amanda Gast

Executive Secretary

Katherine Tripp

Assist Principal & SpEd Dir

School Board Members

District Reports & Plans

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Integrated Guidance