Activities Bus Announcement


High School Activity Bus to the east begins Monday after the last practice/activity. Volunteers will take kids home to the west.

At their meeting last Wednesday, the Blachly School Board again discussed how transportation might affect students’ opportunities for participation in after school programs (Clubs and Athletics). They have authorized for this winter the first pilot of a Triangle Lake Charter School Activity bus for high school students.

We recognize the very limited scope of what we are announcing. We also want you to know that the activity bus concept will immediately be evaluated and reconsidered for implementation again in the spring. If any high school family sees something here that says, hey, my kids could stay after on this day to do that, then staff and Board want to figure out how we can make this work right now for our students. Especially in the case of high school athletics, if this means your child could participate, contact the office immediately. Practices have started but it is the very beginning of the season and if this makes a difference for one family we will be tickled pink.

This is another organizational change that is in its infancy. It has been put together quickly to make something happen before Thanksgiving. We will be adjusting as we go along this winter. We are excited to see if this activity bus can help high school kids have access to current after school programs, and thus allow us to expand our offerings.

With those disclaimers, this will be an announcement of concept, not a final description of full plan. It does require several layers of communication, so if this is something of which you can take advantage, please call the office Monday… Until the end of winter sports, on days when school is in session and regular activities (such as robotics or game club, potentially drama in the spring) or athletics practices are scheduled at the high school, once a day, when the last child who needs a ride going east finishes for the day, a district van will make a simple loop to Cheshire and Veneta, something like Dari Mart and Ray’s, but this can be adjusted. We anticipate that typically that would coincide with sports and leave at either 7:30 or 9:00, but that is not necessarily exclusively so, and the Board’s intend is to pilot an activities bus, not an athletics bus.

The same service will be offered to the west, but we have parents and coaches who have volunteered to cover that half of the need. Again, we want this concept to go live for you and high school kids Monday, but it does require coordination, so let us know as soon as you can if you want to take advantage.

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