New Veneta Bus Stop Update

There is a new Veneta bus stop beginning Monday, November 20.

To begin this statement, I would first like to thank, and have all of us thank, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church for hosting our bus stop for as long as they could.

Secondly, this post will have to be semi-brief, and I am sure it will not answer every question. I have more meetings today to work out final details, and this is simply the circumstance with which we are faced. I will return to our information platforms another time or two this weekend and provide you as much information as I can prior to Monday morning.

Third, what staff are dealing with now, and you will deal with in the coming days, is an organizational change. It is stressful, requires us to be patient and to learn, and most importantly requires us to cooperate and work together. There are advantages and disadvantages to every potential bus stop, but I know at the school we do not want to keep changing sites, and I would be foolish to think that you do.

The new bus stop is at the Fern Ridge Child Development Center, 25391 Jeans Road. THIS IS A SCHOOL!!! IT WILL BE OPEN AND IN SESSION WHEN YOU ARRIVE MONDAY!!! We CANNOT USE THE ENTIRE PARKING LOT (which is not huge, sorry) as their families also arrive during our loading window. Staff will be there to direct you, but I would suggest on Monday you be prepared to take advantage of the ample adjacent street parking, also on Cornerstone Drive directly across Jeans Road. It will take us some time to adapt to this site, understand what the Child Development Center needs from us, and develop a routine. On the bright side, winter is coming, this stop is entirely paved, the road is wide, and between the lot and street there is plenty of parking.

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