Winter School Closures

As we know, the first potential severe winter weather is projected overnight. Please remember any school closure information will go out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the local news stations. It appears the timing and location of any snow or freezing events are still not working in our favor concerning pre-planning. At this time, the most severe impacts are projected to be to the north, around the 45th parallel at the southern limit, but the projections are that that is a soft line. The Coast Range may be impacted further south. It also appears that it will not be until the pre-dawn hours that we will know with any certainty how the weather event will manifest itself locally. We will be on the road early in the morning and let you know as early as possible if school will be impacted. As early as possible is the operative term, however. Keep checking the feeds. At this time it appears that it may be inconveniently late before we know things for certain. We will do our best in the morning, but this one may be up in the air until the last hour…

2 thoughts on “Winter School Closures

  1. Can school closures and delays PLEASE be posted ON YOUR WEBSITE. As a rural resident without a T.V. (without Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) it would make very much sense that your school closure information be posted on this website for all parents. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

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