Trouble with Reading? Where to Get Help

When it comes to helping your child learn to read, you’re not alone.

Your child’s teacher and local librarians are knowledgeable and can offer help. Family and friends may be willing to support you. You can also seek advice from community organizations such as child care centers or from your family doctor.

Your Child’s Teacher

When children see their parents and teachers working together, they feel more secure and confident. Taking an interest in your child’s education will help them do better in school, and your teacher can provide you with helpful advice. Here are some topics you could bring up the next time you see the teacher:

  • Your child’s reading level
  • The reading goals for your child and how you can support your child in working towards those goals
  • Books that your child could read easily, and books they would find more difficult
  • Books and authors your child might enjoy
  • The level of your child’s interest in reading: for example, whether they choose to read for fun
  • Reading strategies your child could use
  • Books or guides that could help you help your child

Others Who Can Help

You can reach out to many other people besides your child’s teacher to help your child learn to read. Here are some suggestions:

  • Consider involving relatives and friends in helping to motivate your child to learn to read. Older siblings, grandparents, family friends, and your child’s caregivers can add their support and encouragement.
  • Take your child to your local library and look for books that will interest them. Some children find books with interactive features particularly motivating. Ask the librarians; they will know which books are most appealing to young children.
  • Talk to staff in local child care centers, parent/child drop-in centers, and other community organizations. They will be familiar with local resources that could be helpful.
  • If your child is having trouble learning to read, ask your family doctor to check their hearing and vision. It may be that a medical condition is contributing to their difficulties.