Power Your Learning by Reading Aloud

As your child learns to read, listen to them read aloud. Reading to you gives your child a chance to practice and improve their reading skills.

As you listen to your child, remember that your reactions are important. Above all, listen without interrupting. Be enthusiastic and praise your child as often as you can. If possible, be specific with your praise so that your child knows what they’re doing well.

A few more tips to try:

  • Show your child that you’re enjoying the story by indicating interest and by asking questions.
  • Give your child time to figure out tricky words, and show them how they can learn from mistakes.
  • Try to have your child read aloud to you when you aren’t expecting any interruptions.
  • Make sure that your child selects books that aren’t too difficult. Don’t worry if the books your child chooses are a little easier than the ones they read at school.
  • Encourage your child to “listen” to their own reading. Listening will help them hear mistakes and try to fix them.
  • Take turns reading with your child, especially if they’re just beginning to read, or try reading together.
  • Talk about a story after your child has read it, to make sure that they understand it.