2020-2021 Q&A

Below are questions that community members have asked about re-opening of school for the 2020-2021 school year. Questions are grouped into categories for easier navigation.

We are actively working on figuring out the details, and may not have answers to all questions at this time. As the plan evolves and we have more information, we will be updating answers. The answers are dated, so you can see when an answer has been updated/changed.


Click here to see slides from the 7/7/20 Community Meeting, outlining ODE’s re-opening requirements.


What about face coverings?

  • 7/21/20: All students and staff will be required to wear face coverings

What are the distancing requirements?

  • 7/21/20: Everyone should maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and others. Learning spaces need to be set up with 35 square feet of space per person.

Is 3’ apart on bus a recommendation or requirement?

  • 7/7/20: The 3 feet of distancing on the bus is a recommendation at this time. The 6 feet of distancing at all other times (in school building, playground, etc.) is a requirement.

Is it possible to assign a seat mate by asking parents to sign up for one? For example, my son is friends with a classmate and sees him daily - can I ask to have him sit with him?

    • 7/7/20: That is a possibility we may explore down the road.

I have read about some schools using pool noodles attached to young kids to help them learn proper social distancing. Is this something you would consider?

    • 7/7/20: We will certainly be exploring lots of creative ways to help teach and reinforce distancing protocol.

Are you considering cohorts by classroom or groups of classrooms?

  • 7/7/20: A cohort is any group of students that are together in the same space.

How is TLCS planning on grouping cohorts?

    • 7/7/20: We are exploring options and figuring out what makes the most sense for safety and academic considerations.

Do parents have input on cohort if their class is broken up?

    • 7/7/20: At this time, we don’t know what that will look like. We will keep this in mind as we plan.

According to that process an entire bus would be a considered a whole cohort.

    • 7/7/20: Students who ride the bus will be part of a “bus cohort”

As a cohort of children are outside playing tag, or socialize in a way that isn’t a true 6’ apart, etc. what is going to be the response?

  • 7/7/20: This is a habit that will need to be learned and practiced. We will use these opportunities to reteach and practice expectations.

Are Fridays being considered part of the options for scheduling?

    • 7/7/20: Fridays may be a possibility as part of the scheduling models, but we do not know at this time what that may look like.

If there is a combo of on campus and distance learning, how do you pan to take into consideration families and having siblings at the school the same days?

  • 7/7/20: We don’t know what our model will look like at this time, but we know that we’ll need to consider the K-12 family aspect.

Will the decision regarding fall athletics happen at the school level, State Level, OSAA, or…?

    • 7/7/20: We expect further guidance from ODE around athletics at some point this summer, and OSAA works in cooperation with ODE. We will need to follow whatever guidance ODE and OSAA issue, and then may have specific items that are decided at the school/district level about how we implement their guidance.

When will you get the final feedback from the state for opening?

  • 7/7/20: The Operational Blueprint is due to ODE and Lane County Public Health by 8/15/20. After that, they will let us know if there are things that need to be adjusted. We expect that decisions around opening and guidance will evolve over the summer, and possibly longer.

Do they think that any of these guidelines would lessen through-out the year (i.e. the 6 ft rule) or do you see it staying the same all year?

    • 7/7/20: That will depend on what the Governor and ODE decide. If guidelines are adjusted and new guidance is issued (either more or less restrictive), then we will adapt our plans and procedures accordingly.

Should we plan for school to start the day after Labor Day or will opening be delayed?

    • 7/7/20: At this time, we are still planning for a start on 9/8/20. But, it is also possible that the calendar may need to change. If there are changes, we will communicate them out to families as quickly as possible.

If you can trace a case to a specific cohort, would a shut-down of entire school still be required? Or could you just quarantine the cohort?

    • 7/7/20: That decision is not entirely up to us. We consult with Lane County Public Health on how to handle any potential outbreak/exposure, and the decision to close a cohort or the entire school depends on a lot of factors. The hope is that by having students in stable cohorts, we are able to minimize the number of students impacted by a potential closure.

Are parents considered non-essential visitors?

    • 7/7/20: We are not entirely sure at this time how “non-essential” visitors will be defined at TLCS. Part of the plan we need to develop is looking closely at all of these details, and deciding if visitors can be allowed within the building and still maintain our safety protocols. We will likely be severely restricting all visitors to the building.

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